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Caribbean Forum > How does oil spill in Gulf of Mexico affect diving?
R. Lars
posted : June 18, 2010 Post subject: How does oil spill in Gulf of Mexico affect diving?
Dear divers,

I had planned for a long time to spend some time this year (in August) in the Cancun/Cozumel area of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico with my wife; she adores heat, sun + sea (especially bathtub-hot water :) - and me too), and I intended to go for some neat dives.

Does anybody know anything about how (if at all) diving is already affected or expected to be affected soon in that area?

Preferably by first-hand experience, but all other sources of information or hearsay are also gladly welcomed.

I am aware of the following scientific model (which as far as I know does NOT take the possible effects of hurricanes into account):


But it is not clear from this simulation whether my area of interest would actually be affected, by mid-August...

So thank you for any and all hints!